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Ten steps for leading a successful Bible study

1. Welcome your group members, show genuine interest in them, and help them be comfortable, especially if they are new to your group.

2. Pray that as you read the Bible the Holy Spirit will open up your understanding of the Scriptures.

3. If you wish, click on the link for “Map” or “Timeline” to get the setting for the reading of the Bible. All Bible passages occur within a historical and geographical context. Use your browser arrow to return to the Bible study.

4. Choose “Go To Today's Bible Reading” for our supplied NIV version or go to your favorite reading in Bible Gateway or your favorite Bible app (but come back). Reading the Bible is very important in that each believer has the Holy Spirit residing in him; God may choose to illuminate and apply the truth directly to the hearers heart before you even use the study. Use the back arrow at the top of your browser to return to the Bible study.

5. Use the opening activity suggested or one of your choice to engage the individuals in your group.

6. Although each of these Bible studies are well written and designed for small group participation, know the subject well so you are prepared to lead it. We have included text boxes for you to work out the answer first and have linked the answers to the end of the document.

7. When you ask a question as a group leader, wait at least ten (10) full seconds before suggesting an answer. This gives the hearer an opportunity to process the question, search for an answer, and get uncomfortable enough to realize you are waiting for their answers. If you answer too soon they will rely on you. Remember, your goal as a discussion leader is to lead individuals to discover truth for themselves.

8. Do not demean their answers. They are trying and you want to encourage participation.

9. It is ok if you do not know the answer. Admit it. Ask for their input. Research the answer to talk about it the next time you meet.

10. Enjoy the study. If you are enjoying it, most likely your group members will catch your enthusiam.

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