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One of our followers writes,

I have read your Bible Study every day this year. It is something I truly looked forward to each day. Thank you for making this wonderful study available! I have truly been blessed! Thank you for making the plan of salvation available each day. That is so important for any Bible study. God bless you!

Another person who uses our free app writes:

hi i have been using your Google app and loving it! I read daily scripture every morning and reading your notes has been wonderful and easy for me to understand bible. I just became a devoted Christian since Dec 2016 after being away from many years. Was looking for a 365 days bible that would help me understand easily and after sifting through quite a few, this app is perfect and truly incredible.

Another person writes,

I've read through the Bible several times, but this year I wanted to do it chronologically. Through  this site, I am able to follow the events of Scripture with notes of study, maps, and a timeline. I LOVE IT!

Here is another testimony:

I just finished the chronological Bible reading for the year!!! It was such a great experience! Thank you for setting it up and putting so much work into it - and then sharing it!!!

Other reviews and ratings for our app can be found listed in Google Play. Chronologic Bible Studies in the search bar. Thank you.

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