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Praise God

There are times like Thanksgiving when it is especially fitting to praise God for the blessings He has bestowed on us. But, is Thanksgiving the only time we should publicly praise Him? Is public praise of God appropriate or should we just keep it in our churches and other religious assemblies? When and how should we do it?

Psalms 93-100 were written late in Israel’s history before the New Testament era. The context of praise in these Psalms fits the time period after God brought the Israelites back to their own land from exile. He forgave their sin and wickedness. He influenced the heart of King Cyrus to issue a decree to let them return to their own land and rebuild their temple, city, and houses. He granted them special protection from their enemies and ordered the surrounding cities and enemy nations to help the Israelites, providing them with gold, silver, goods, and even livestock for sacrificing to their God. Under the LORD's protecting hand, they built an altar to sacrifice and worship Him. They laid a foundation for their temple in the midst of their enemies. It may have been at this time that these songs were composed for worship.

Israel praises the LORD for many things. The Israelites praise Him for the discipline that they experienced to bring them back to Him (Psalm 94:12-15). They thank Him for His comfort when their anxiety was great within them (94:19). Israel thanks God for deliverance from her enemies. She praises God because He is the Rock of her salvation and because He is God above all gods. His people kneel down before their Maker. They praise Him because He is their shepherd, and they are the sheep under His care. (Psalm 95:1-7).

Should our worship be quiet and reflective? There is time for silent worship, and there is time for shouting and singing for joy! When in great remorse the Jews turned to God from their sins, He completely forgave and delivered them from their seventy-year exile in Babylon. And, God made it possible for them to return to their land and rebuild! This was a cause for loud rejoicing!

Many think that Christians should keep God to themselves and in their churches. Psalms 96, 98 and 100, however, exhort us to let the entire world know the greatness of the LORD. Yes, we should praise Him in our churches so that believers may get encouragement, but we should also praise God in our neighborhoods and the market place. All people need to know there is an Almighty God in heaven who works in the lives of people here on earth. They need to know of His might, justice, holiness, and love. Sharing our praise develops a hunger within people to know Him, and God commands that we do so on a daily basis. Do we know Him? He offers us forgiveness, peace, and spiritual life (more...). He is deserving of all praise. What has God done for us recently that we can share with people?

Lessons to Live By

  • We need to share praises of God for who He is and what He has done. The LORD is glorified, His people are encouraged, and others will come to know Him when we share His praises.
  • Let's be specific with our praise. How has God blessed us? What has He done? How has He changed us? How has He answered prayer?
  • We should share God in church, the market place, with our neighbors, and even with acquaintances.
  • Worship comes in many forms. Quiet and reflective worship is appropriate at times, but loud singing and even shouting for joy is appropriate at other times.

Focus Verses

Psalm 96:2-4 (NIV)

Sing to the LORD, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods. (NIV)

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A Look Ahead: After the LORD allows Israel to return to their land and rebuild their temple and city, we return to Babylon where an angel comes to visit Daniel to tell him What's Next for his people. What's next for us? The answer depends on how we respond to God's Word. Learn more in our Next Lesson.

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