Bible Maps

Places and Events (Dates are approximate)

Garden of Eden - where the first man and woman lived for a short time before they sinned, 6,000-4000 B.C. (uncertain date)
Mount Ararat, Turkey - where Noah's ark landed after the flood, 6,000-4000 B.C. (uncertain date)
Tower of Babel and the migration of people to different lands, 6,000-4000 B.C. (uncertain date)
The Land of Uz - the probable place where Job lived, 2324-2224 B.C.
Abram's journey to Canaan and Egypt, 2224 B.C.
Abraham and Lot in Canaan 2224 -2184 B.C.
Wanderings of Jacob, 2139 B.C.
Joseph's Journey to Egypt, 2120 B.C.
Joseph's Families Journey to Goshen due to Famine, 1983 B.C.
Exodus from Egypt to Canaan, 1446 B.C.
Other nations around Canaan, 1444-1400 B.C.
The location of the twelve tribes of Israel, 1400-930 B.C.
The land of Israel and the Amalekites, 1050-1010 B.C.
The early inhabitants of the land of Israel, 1500-1000 B.C.
Philistine battles, 1050-1000 B.C.
David's Kingdom, 1004 -971 B.C.
Solomon's Kingdom, 971 -931 B.C.
The Divided Kingdom of Israel and Judah, 931-722 B.C.
The Assyrian Empire, 824- 640 B.C. Israel was conquered by the Assyrians in 722 B.C.
The Babylonian Empire, 650 B.C.- 550 B.C. Judah was conquered by Babylon in 586 B.C.
Tyre and Sidon, Ezekiel 26-28, 586-332 BC and modern
Egyptian Cities and surrounding nations, Ezekiel 30, 33, 38, 39
Mid-Tribulational battle, Ezekiel 38-39
The Persian Empire, 550-333 B.C. Israel was allowed to return to her land as a vassal state, 538 B.C. and rebuild the temple and later the walls of Jerusalem
The Grecian Empire, 333-146 B.C. Alexander the Great conquered Persia and most of the known world. After he died his 4 generals ruled over separate parts of the land.
The Maccabean Revolt, 166-147 B.C.. After 147 B.C. Israel is independent until Rome occupies Jerusalem in 63 B.C.
The Roman Empire, 27 B.C.- 476 A.D., Jesus is born approximately 4 B.C.. After Jesus' ascension into heaven the apostles and disciples of Jesus are persecuted and killed under Rome's dominion.
Israel in the time of Christ and the early church, 4 B.C.-100 A.D.
First Missionary Journey of Paul and Barnabus, 45-49 A.D.
Second Missionary Journey of Paul with Silas, 49-52 A.D.
Third Missionary Journey of Paul and Silas, 52-57 A.D.
Paul's Journey to Rome and First Imprisonment, 57-62 A.D.
John's letters to 7 churches in Asia from the island of Patmos, 95 A.D.

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