The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, 853-760 B.C.*

Key: I=Israel; J=Judah; CBS=Chronological Bible Study

Scripture CBS Prophet Theme King and Events
2Chronicles 19:4-11; 2Kings 1:1; 2Chronicles 20:1-30; Psalms 46, 47, 48; Psalm 83, 91 June 18 J-Jahaziel Deliverance


Kings of the Ammonites, Moabites, and some of the Meunites from the region of Edom came to make war on Jehoshaphat. Judah relies on the LORD and God gives the deliverance.

1Kings 22:47-49; 2Chronicles 20:35-37; 2Kings 1:2-18; 2Kings 2; 2Kings 3:1-3 June 19 I-Elijah Learning Respect

J-Jehoshaphat; I-Ahaziah 853-852; Jehoram (Joram)852-841;

Jehoshaphat agrees to build ships and join Ahaziah. The LORD destroys the ships. Ahaziah relies on the gods of Baal to cure him, but Elijah proclaims his death. Ahaziah seeks to arrest him and is thwarted three times.

2Kings 3:4-27; 1Kings 22:42-46; 2Chronicles 20:31-34; 1Kings 22:50; 2Chronicles 21:1-3; 2Kings 8:16-25; 2Chronicles 21:4-20; 2Chronicles 22:1-6; 2Kings 8:26-29 June 20 I-Elijah; Elisha A Little Yeast - ungodly influence

Elijah leaves Elisha. Elisha inherits twice Elijah's zeal.

I-Jehoram (Joram) becomes king 18th year of Jehosphat and reigns 12 years

2Kings 9; 2Chronicles 22:7-9; 2Kings 10:1-27 June 21 I-Elisha Avenging Wrongs

I- Jehoram (Joram); J-Ahaziah;

Jehu kills Joram, and Ahaziah, Jezebel and all the prophets of Baal 841-814 B.C.

2Kings 11:1-3; 2Chronicles 22:10-12; 2Kings 11:4-21; 2Chronicles 23; 2Kings 12:1-16; 2Chronicles 24:1-16; 2Kings 10:28-36; 2Kings 13:1-3; 2Kings 13:22-23; 2Kings 13:4-11; 2Chronicles 24:17-27; 2Kings 12:17-21 June 22 J-no prophet given Making It Stick - our spiritual commitments J-Queen mother Athaliah takes reigns after her son Ahaziah dies 841-835 B.C.; she kills all his children except Joash, who is hidden as a baby. 7 years later the High Priest Jehoiada brings him out and crowns him king. Athaliah is killed. Joash follows the LORD while Jehoiada lives, and the temple is repaired, but he turns away from God after Jehoiada's death. I-Jehu dies and Jehoahaz begins reign, 835-796 B.C.
2Kings 4; 2Kings 6:1-7; 2Kings 8:1-6 June 23 I-Elisha Be a Servant Elisha is a servant to many in Israel during the times of I-Jehoahaz and Jehoash (Joash), times of famine and oppression by Aram (Syria) 814-782 B.C.
2Kings 5-7; 2Kings 8:7-15; 2Kings 13:14-21 June 24 I-Elisha Who is God? I-Jehoash (Joash) 798-792 B.C.; Aram (Syria) besieges Samaria but God delivers Israel from starvation and annihilation.
2Kings 14:1-20; 2Chronicles 25:1-28; 2Kings 13: 24-25; 2Kings13:12-13; 2Kings 14:21-22; 2Kings 15:1-5; 2Chronicles 26:1-21 June 25 J-no prophet given Over-confidence J-Amaziah and Uzziah are successful for following the LORD, but their pride leads to their downfall 796-739 B.C.

*dates obtained through The Bible Knowledge Commentary of the Old Testament, by Walvoord and Zuck, ©.1985, p.513

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