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Welcome to our One-Year Daily Chronological Bible Studies. Read the Bible in one year, free and online. Study the Bible in the order events, people, and writings probably occurred. Learn how the Psalms fit into the life of David and the history of Israel, learn how the prophets and the kings of Israel and Judah fit together, or study the life of Christ as all four gospels are woven together into one account. These Bible studies are great for discipleship, personal use and small groups. As you read the Bible, using our one-year daily chronological Bible studies, you will see how the events and people of the Bible all fit together in chronological sequence and how they apply to your life.


Use our search bar to search any topic or Scripture that we have on our site. You may also choose to study the Bible in three ways—Chronologically, by Scripture passage, or by Topic.


At the beginning of each Bible study are links to a map and timeline to provide the background and setting. Then, you may choose the link to the NIV version or an alternate Bible version for the chronological Bible reading of that day. Use your browser arrow to return to the Bible study. When you begin the study, the introduction connects what might be going on in your life with the Bible reading. Throughout the lessons you will be touched with meaningful life applications and invited to respond. For your convenience there are links to meaningful Bible references. Occasional pictures and diagrams are sometimes included to better illustrate the message. Towards the end of each study are Lessons to Live By, Focus Verses, and even a space where you can write your own prayer response. The prayer will disappear once you leave the page, so if you want to save it, do so before that.

Scripture Studies

Here you will see how Bible passages fit in chronological Bible history. Choose a Bible passage link, and it will take you to a corresponding chronological Bible study. Small group Bible studies are also now available. These are interactive Bible studies that can be used with groups or for individual discipleship.

Topical Bible Studies

Various Bible and current issues are shared from a Biblical perspective. Nearly 400 Bible studies are now available. Many people choose these for personal use and for small group Bible studies.

Find Us

Bookmark the one-year daily chronological Bible studies page on your browser or choose to add it to your Favorites so you may quickly find this site (a bookmark is usually in the top menu section or starred in an upper corner of your browser). We provide daily links on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to like us on Facebook, Re-tweet on Twitter or like us on Instagram. For mobile users, a free app is available from AppMakr and Google Play. If you wish to use this site offline on your computer or laptop, there are five ways to download complete websites for offline use. For the most up to date pages or external links to other websites, however, we recommend that you use this site online.

If you join us late, or if you have something else you are working on and want to start later and follow your own schedule, no problem. Just choose the Calendar Date link in the top menu bar or save it to your favorites to begin anywhere you want. Each day's link that has not yet been chosen is highlighted so you can still stay on track.

Recommended Procedure for studying the Bible Chronologically:

1. Pray that as you read the Bible that the Holy Spirit will open up your understanding of the Scriptures.

2. If you wish, choose the link for “Map” or “Timeline” to get the setting for the each day's Bible reading. All Bible passages occur within a historical and geographical context. Occasionally, there will be other helpful links to introduce a section of Scripture. You may choose any of these as well.

3. Choose “Go To Today's Bible Reading” to go to the reading that corresponds with that day's Bible study/devotional. We have made it convenient for you to read all of that day's Scripture in the NIV without leaving our site. If you wish to read another version, we are giving you the link to Bible Gateway. Reading the Bible is very important in that each believer has the Holy Spirit residing in him—God may choose to illuminate and apply the truth directly to your heart before you even read the Bible study.

4. Read the Bible study. We present each Bible study in an expositional format so that you are getting the essential theme and message of God's Word and not just our own inspirational thoughts. Occasionally, there will be Scripture and other links within the passage for reference and more insight. Use your browser arrow to return to the last spot on the previous page.

5. Memorize the Focus verse(s), or copy it down for future memory. Each verse is chosen to help you remember the theme of the Bible study.

6. Write your prayer response to today's Bible study in the text box. This is a most meaningful time between you and God. Only you will see your response unless you let others view it on your computer screen. When you leave that page your prayer will disappear. If you want to save it, drag over it and then copy and paste it into a document file or another format before you leave the page.

7. Send us your comments by choosing the email link at the end of every Bible study.

8. A Look Ahead introduces the Next Lesson. God bless you as you study His Word.

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