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Timeline. Map. Go to today’s Bible reading: Mark 11:12-12:17; Matthew 21:12-22:22; Luke 19:45-20:26.

Don't Get Fired

Being fired is something that few people want to experience. Why do people get fired from jobs? There could be a number of reasons why people get fired: not showing up for work on time or not at all, not doing the things they were assigned to do, inconsistency in caring out policies, dishonesty or theft, abusing workers, not submitting to authority, subverting company policies and teaching their subordinates to do the same, or doing other things that harm the reputation of the firm. These things were reasons why Jesus said God was rejecting the religious leaders, and in particular the priests of Jesus’ day. They certainly had tenure; they were spiritual leaders of Israel since the days of Moses. What we learn in today's lesson may help us not to get fired and replaced.

From time to time God sent district and regional supervisors (prophets) to straighten out the managers (priests) and instruct them in the right ways, but many times these supervisors were persecuted or killed. Then he allowed a hostile takeover of their firm (the land of Israel) for a while because they were bankrupt and had irresponsible investors (Jewish people were irresponsible, wicked, and idol worshippers. They lost their nation and were taken to Babylon). In his mercy and grace, God gave them another chance to rebuild and manage his firm (the rebuilt temple and walls in Jerusalem) but they were unfaithful and again did not listen to their supervisors (prophets). After other hostile takeovers (Greece and Rome), the management was allowed to operate a small insignificant business in their same location, but it was under foreign ownership (Rome). Finally, the true owner (God) of the firm (Israel), sent to Israel his own Son, who was heir of the firm. The religious leaders decided to kill the heir so they might continue to run the organization the way they wanted, profiting only themselves. The heir, Jesus, came to turn the tables on the managers (Jewish religious leaders), and restore a right management over the firm (Israel).

In Jesus’ day and before, the Israelites were agriculturists and spoke in those terms. A parable he shared at this time concerned the management of a vineyard. The vineyard refers to the nations of Israel and Judah (Isaiah 5:1-7). The priests were poor managers of these nations. For mismanagement of his vineyard God would soon remove them; the religious leaders would very soon incite the Jews to have the heir of the vineyard (Jesus Christ) killed, and he would give the ownership to someone else (a reference to Jewish believers in the time of The Tribulation). In the meantime, God would allow other nations to enjoy the benefits of the fruit of the vineyard, i.e., salvation would be extended to non-Jewish people (Gentiles (Matthew 21:43)). Most of us are not Jews, and we live in the period of grace, but how are we managing the responsibilities God has given us? Would we want him to take them away and give them to someone else? That is the same thing as getting fired.

After the parable of the vineyard, Jesus shared another story, the parable of the wedding banquet (Matthew 22:1-14). Here, the same truth is illustrated. The Jews were invited to the wedding banquet, a banquet that will be held in heaven in honor of his Son, Jesus. The banquet is for all who would trust in him for salvation. Jesus came to his own people (the Jews), but they (for the most part) did not receive him (John 1:11), so Jesus invited others to come to the banquet table. What is required that we might be invited to the banquet table of God? Money? Prestige? Fame? No. Humility and the willingness to receive his invitation of salvation are required. When we do that he will give us wedding clothes to wear at his banquet table. Have we humbled ourselves and received his invitation of salvation, or are we still making excuses for turning down the invitation? We cannot go to his banquet table in heaven in any other way but by receiving the invitation from his Son. Let’s answer, “yes” to him. If we do not answer yes, he will turn to others and we will be severely punished in hell for an eternity. Let’s humble ourselves and receive his invitation (more...).

No one likes to be told they are being fired. Sometimes people can act with vengeance against their employers or managers for such things. Do we resent Jesus telling us how things must be? The Jewish leaders (Sadducees) did not like Jesus any more than the religious leaders (Pharisees) did so they got help from the Herodians to try to oust him from power. Desperation makes strange bedfellows. The Herodians were a political group loyal to Herod but hated by the Jews. The Jewish leaders, religious leaders and Herodians had a common interest, however: getting rid of Jesus. Jesus’ popularity was a perceived threat to the Roman government. They wondered, “Would Jesus start an insurrection?” They attempted to trap Jesus by pitting his loyalty for God against his loyalty for the king of their day. In their attempts to trap Jesus, we can learn something from his answer to them. He said that there are things we owe to the government, and there are things we owe to God. God institutes governments for our protection and to dispense justice. We owe them honor and subservience whenever possible. We also owe the same to God. The Jewish leaders failed in their attempt and made themselves look bad.

Lessons to live by:

  • Give proper respect and faithfulness to God, and manage your responsibilities well so that he will not give them to someone else.
  • If you have been fired, accept the rebuke and repent. Then you will find favor with God.
  • Have you accepted Christ’s invitation of salvation? That is the only way to the banquet table of God in heaven. (more...)
  • We owe honor and subservience to God and to our government. Whenever possible we should obey both.

Today’s Bible memory verse:

1Peter 2:16-17 “Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king.”

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