For the most part the Bible studies written in this series have followed the daily plan of the The One-Year Chronological Bible (NIV), from Tyndale House Publishers, ©1995.

Scripture passages were copied by permission from the Power BibleCD , © 2003 by Online Publishing, Inc.

Spiritual credits go to the LORD God Almighty for His Word and for his help and discernment in answer to my humble prayers.

The Bible Knowledge Commentary of the Old and New Testaments, by Walvoord and Zuck ,©1985, SP Publications, Inc., have been of great help interpreting obscure Bible passages and giving insight into the background and culture of the Jewish people and their surrounding neighbors in Biblical times.

My editors, Pastor Nathan Sabin and Nikki Walker have been of great help in checking my theology and grammar and giving me feedback on the content of the Bible studies.

The members of the Lincoln Land chapter of Word Weavers have helped me improve my writing style.

My wife and family have been supportive and patient with me, as the production of these Bible studies consume a lot of time.

We hope these Bible studies will greatly benefit you. Thanks for reading them and sharing them with your friends.

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